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Amazing Best Click Vinyl Flooring Dubai UAE 2022

Vinyl flooring idea is nowadays the best click online for 2022 and plays a vital role in home improvements. There are 7 big reasons why vinyl flooring is still the best click for clients which is the summary of 11 years of professional experience.

1)     Wide Range of Colors:

No matter how wide or small your space is vinyl flooring can be the best choice for every room, villa, and office with a multitude of colors, improved textures, and patterns. The people of Dubai really love patterns, specific colors, and texture to furnish the spaces that they love by heart.

2)     Comfortable:

If we compare vinyl flooring with tiles, woods, and laminate floors, multiple times vinyl floorings are better and more comfortable. Special spaces for which vinyl flooring is chosen best for the kitchen and in a style of cushioned backing. Because this vinyl flooring provides high strength and comfort for spaces, where people walk and stand for a long time.

3)     Easy Installation:

One of the great and amazing advantages of vinyl flooring Installation is that can be easily installed with no professional prior knowledge anywhere. Vinyl flooring’s easy installation can save money and time for clients. Even this installation can no longer require tears from the existing flooring of the subfloors.

4)     Durability:

Life-proof vinyl flooring durability can be the best option on a high level. Without a bathroom, vinyl flooring can be installed everywhere like in kitchens and high-traffic areas. It can give us large durability and long-lasting strength. It consists of multiple layers like protective layers, backing, and topmost layers and can last for 10 to 20 years.

5)     Maintenance:

Life-proof vinyl flooring can be maintained easily with minimal maintenance. Weekly maintenance and regular basis detergent washing techniques are sufficient for vinyl flooring.

6)     Waterproof:’

Vinyl flooring materials are water-resistant and do not absorb liquids. It can be installed in the home and in any room of your choice.

7)  Sound Absorbing and Warm feeling:

Vinyl flooring materials can have the ability to absorb sound waves and give a warm feeling under the feet.

Final Words

All these arguments and reasons can better decide a homemaker, aesthetic loving, and furnishing materials customer can make them to best clickable vinyl flooring Dubai UAE products for the years 2022.

Parquet flooring

Parquet Flooring – Types, Benefits, Installation, Maintenance

Parquet flooring is an elegant hardwood patterned flooring option that adds warmth and style to the living space. Parquet flooring comes in many different styles and colours. Get updates about Types, Benefits, maintenance and Installation here.

Parquet flooring Types

Royal Infinity interior & designers have the best parquet flooring and some of the aesthetic prominent parquet flooring types given below.


Mahogany is a hardwood parquet that was popular in the mid18th century in England. Today mahogany is still desirable and popular parquet flooring globally. It is close-grain hardwood parquets and can be found in luxury colors like dark red color, cinnamon brown oiled, olive oiled, mahogany oiled, black oiled, and chocolate oiled mahogany are still on sale and demanding.


Castle Brown oiled parquet flooring is engineered hardwood natural medium colour tone parquet and species of mahogany colours. Mainly it is used for smooth surfaces and thicknesses of 10-11 mm, width narrow (149mm) with square edges planks sold in (1-strips).


Ash Nordic parquet flooring is (2-strips) hardwood flooring and is widely used in Europe countries famous for its elegant strength and unique light appearance. Nowadays dark grain patterns are more famous and more desirable in Dubai. If you want to give the best Scandinavian touch to the home floor then slight white colour is the finest option.


Birch parquet flooring is a type of solid parquet flooring that is the oldest and most traditional kind of solid parquet. It is 100% solid wood fit by tongues and groves and possesses a thickness of 12mm-23mm. Although Birch parquet is more expensive, remember durable and has a life span of over 100 years.


Walnut parquet flooring is solid parquet that gives organic look and feels to your home. It can offer seamless durability and provides a lifetime residential warranty. It has been made with a top layer of efficient genuine oak fitted by groves and tongues.


Cherry parquet flooring is hardwood-engineered parquet floors found in a variety of colors, patterns, and types. Some of the famous types are Brazilian red cherry parquets, American styles, Europe cherry wood parquet, and French Herringbone. Every type of cherry parquet wood has unique characteristics like thickness, organic look, and feel, and sophisticated ambience.


Hickory-engineered parquet flooring is the unique and hardest parquet flooring. It is gorgeous and durable that can add value to home improvement. Mainly exported from Europe and the United States. Unfortunately, hickory parquet flooring is less DIY-friendly and swells issues over time.


Red oak parquet is the most familiar hardwood flooring idea and has an outstanding stability score of 8.6. Red oak parquet is best for homes, cottages, and castles. It can make the room warm and more welcoming. Red oak flooring parquet has an amazing ability to withstand damage and denting.

Parquet Flooring Benefits:

  •         Budget Friendly Flooring.
  •         Best home Improvement Option.
  •         Sophisticated Organic Look.
  •         Thick and Durable.
  •         100 + years’ residential warranty.
  •         Increase the worth of the space.

Parquet Flooring Limitation:

Some parquet flooring material is affected by severe moister and temperature that is lost very easily. Cold conditions or damping made swelling the solid parquet flooring.

Parquet Flooring Installation

1)  Glued / Adhesive Method:

Glue-down parquet flooring is money-saving for you and need not hire a professional installer but if you got the wrong measurements or place a plank at the wrong angle would badly turn the appearance dull. The bonus point about Gluing parquet flooring is to avoid hearing squeaking.

2)  Nailed Method:

Nail is the method where we use to nail to stick planks with subfloors using tools. Nailing is the best method for hardwood parquet flooring because it saves the beauty of the space if any board is damaged and can be easily replaced.

3)  Floating Method:

Floating means that such installation does not require the use of nails but we attach the wood plank not fixed to subfloors. Floors are up to some extent or largely floating not strongly attached. Glue and Nailing methods are more popular to install parquet wood flooring.

Parquet Flooring Maintenance

Excessive use of water can badly damage maintenance parquet flooring. If some stains appear, clean only the required area with a cleaning mop. Makes sure there is enough air before the replacement of furniture for drying.

Final Words

Do you want to make your home, office, villa, and cottage well-furnished, stylish, or upgraded? Our parquet flooring can drastically change and lavish look of your home.

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Carpets have a greater role in the relaxed environment of the home. If you want a winning furnishing carpet for a kid’s room or bedroom, where pet animals living with kids enter and stay there. It requires special attention to furnish a kid’s room with a special type of carpet by several tips. The odor that feels in the home, stains appear on the carpet because of food, juices paints, and third hair falling from the body of the pets.

Royal Infinity Carpets Dubai showroom possesses high-quality interior consultants, designers, and experts that provide information knowledge, and helps customers with difficult queries about mentioned issues when buying carpets based on Carpets Online Dubai.


  •  Carpets selected for the kid’s bedroom must be very durable for a long time.
  •  The carpets of the kid bedroom have high quality and if children play for long hours should be comfortable and soft touch feeling.
  •  Stains appear, as children and pets play and walk over the carpet that looks muddy so can be easily clean with powder and a vacuum. 
  •  Synthetic fibers pile carpets brands and wool types easily absorb stains.
  •  Choose darker colors better than light colors that make stains more appear.
  •  Finally check carpet labels, warranty, and type of the fibers that use in the brands.
  •  Standard carpets in Dubai are preferred because can be easily cleaned and vacuumed.


Our showroom sells reliable and affordable carpets Dubai and never compromises on the three important factors when a client wants to buy kid’s bedrooms from Carpets Dubai Store.

  •  Durability
  •  Stain-proof
  •  Quality

These all-valuable suggestions, feedback, and guidelines can help us to choose the best for the kid’s bedroom where pets exist. All the suggestions are to accelerate the workers of decision when buying the perfect best carpets in Dubai.