grass carpet

It is durable and can handle high ultraviolet sun rays, dust, temperature and moister. It is comfortable everywhere for visitors and customers to sit over the artificial grass.

Artificial grass comes in a fixed width of meters units.

It can be rolled if you need some maintenance work in the home or hotel. It has some holes for draining water out during cleaning. It is also called fake grass as synthetically prepared in industry.

Artificial Grass from Royal Infinity Carpets Dubai or fake turf has preventive measures against sports injuries. Turf word was used for artificial grass in 1965 for the first time.

Installations are pretty easier just come with carpet adhesive materials easily available in the market can make installation quite easy.

Finally, we can say that artificial grass has replaced the use of natural grass, which is worn out and often need high maintenance costs and labor work.

Why Artificial Grass from Royal Infinity Carpets Dubai.

⦁ Best Quality.
⦁ Free Home Delivery.
⦁ Free measurement.
⦁ Temperature resistant.
⦁ Durable.
⦁ Afford high people traffic.
⦁ Easily maintenance.